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    Hey peeps!!! biggrin <br />
    Punk E Moth here, giving you some info about.... ME!!!! biggrin <br />
    My real name is Ambur Smith, I am known for being EXTREMELY ECCENTRIC!!!! biggrin <br />
    I generally describe myself as a very artistic person. <br />
    I'm obsessed with anything that has anything to do with it, like Music, Traditional Art, Theater, Dance, and so on and so forth.<br />
    I also consider myself to be shy around new people and it takes me awhile to warm up to someone unless they approach me the right way. <br />
    When I am comfortable with someone, I'm generally a bit eccentric, or as others define me, Cr@Zy!!! Lulz xd <br />
    If I am treated with respect, I will return it, other than that, if you have 'A**hole' stamped to your forehead, I have 'F*** Off' on mine. <br />
    Once someone is on my s**t list, it takes awhile for them to get back on my good side. <br />
    I may seem cute and cuddlily, but I do have a bad side and that side is one that no one wants to see, though some have.<br />
    I have PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), which is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by a traumatic event, so I have what people call 'triggers'. <br />
    If one of these triggers are set off, I'm either on a bloody rampage or hyperventilating then depressed. <br />
    In other words, you f*** with me, I'll f*** you up.<br />
    I'm a huge fan of Rock and Techno (maybe that's why I've been listening to alot of newer songs on the radio lately...)<br />
    And that's pretty much it: I like Art n Music, I'm shy yet crazy, and respect me or feel my wrath. <br />
    Wanna be my friend? Lulz xd <br />
    Oh and one more thing: Lulz=Lol. <br />
    Just wanted to clear things up biggrin
    <br />
    <br />
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