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    i like to be alone. im not a mean person unless u mess with friends. to me music = life and even in school i have headphones in headbanging to black veil brides... i cant stand preps, or jocks... id rather stay at home listening to music then go shopping... ppl call me emo, but they dont know me. im not emo and the ppl who call me that, dont even know wat it means. and if u have something to say, say it to my face, because i promise you i dont give a fuck :3 at times i feel like im falling and i wish i could stop but its my serenity... to me an acessory isnt a necklace, but black eye liner or a studded belt. i hate high heels and dress, i wear skinny jeans and converse. so untill you know me dont judge me, and if u cant stand me, then dont bother me. because all this is who i am smile
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