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  • Artist Info: Ok, so get this. I totally LOVE DDR. That's it. I love it. All my friends love it. All my friends are good at it, and so am I. <br />
    I LOVE DDR!!!!!<br />
    But I also love other games like Steambot Chronicles, Persona 3, Breath of Fire 3, ALL Pokemon games, ALL Final Fantasy games that I have played, ALL Kingdom Hearts games(LUV!!!!), most Sims games, ALL Zelda games except for windwaker and hourglass(haven't played yet), Wario Wave, Guitar Hero, Spectrobes, Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime, Spyro games 1-3(all others after that SUCK!!!!!), and Legend of the Dragoon. Now I know I'm leaving a few games out, but I'm just too lazy to list them. <br />
    I also love manga! And just because I can! I love Shaman King, Hikaru No Go, Sakura Taisen, Bazinghast(I hope I spelled it right), Arcana, DeathNote, Inuyasha(Who doesn't love it...), Plus Anima(the plus sign won't show), Kingdom Hearts(ALL OF THEM!!!!), Dragon Knights, Peachfuzz, and a little bit of fruits basket.<br />
    I know what you're thinking...How on earth does she do it!? Either that or your laughing at how I have no life...But hey! People with no lives are never bored and hopefully get good jobs, hopefully.<br />
    Oh, and if you have any questions on any of the games, feel free to ask. I love helping people. I also love many other things, but I think my About Me box is getting a little big...<br />
    Have a nice day!
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