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  • Artist Info: I'm Hillary. When I first meet people I don't talk a lot. I get angry easily and wear my heart on my sleeve. It seems that people always think I'm sad or depressed when I'm really just day dreaming. I guess people feel awkward around me and I don't mean for people to feel that way. I like the quiet. I like to laugh too, but some people don't like my sense of humor. People annoy me very easily, but I usually get used to them and become good friends with them. When I get embarrassed or don't know what to do I hit someone or act childish or say something mean but mean it in a playful way. I hate feeling sad or lonely. I wish I had a best friend that I could tell everything to and hang out with all the time. I need to get a job have a job at Walmart as a cashier. I love my friends even though I'm going through a difficult time with some of them now. I haven't had a boyfriend since ninth grade. Unfortunately I dated a guy that was a nerdy douchebag and let me say I regret it. I've lost some of my best friends because they misunderstood me. I care a lot for my friends and i would do anything for them. Sometimes they just don't realize it. I have a fat cat named Arie and I love her! ♥ My favorite color is yellow.<br />
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