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  • Artist Info: Well, Here You Are. Reading About Me.<br />
    I Am Elijah Richards. Middle Child.<br />
    Of 5 Kids. I Am Here Today On This Site.<br />
    Young And Bored. Like Any Teenager Would Be.<br />
    I Have A Phone, If You Have The Balls To Text Me.<br />
    I Would Imagine You Probably Looked At My Page Real Fast And Left.<br />
    But, If You Haven't. Fuck Me For Telling You Off.<br />
    I Am Elijah. Both Young And Wise. If You Are Stalking My Page.<br />
    Thanks, I Love Stalkers. I Am Elijah. And I Am Here Today To Ask.<br />
    Can Somebody Help Me With Some Bones? I Am Really Broke. <br />
    Haha. I Am Elijah. Please, Take Sometime And. Thinks About The<br />
    CHILDREN!!!<br />
    No. I Am Just Playing Around With You. Well. Here's Some LinksYou Can Hit Me Up On, Oh, And By The Way. I Love Playing Video Games!! Kick Ass:<br />
    1) Elijah Richards@Facebook.com<br />
    2) Nameless.Hope@Hotmail.com<br />
    3) N3rOpHeDaLLiiAc@Aol.com<br />
    4) Death_Kisses2009@Yahoo.com<br />
    <br />
    Oh And Another Thing. When You Look Up Elijah Richards, Make Sure You Find A Picture With A Girl Wearing These:<br />
    1) Purple Glasses<br />
    2) Black Tee<br />
    3) Curly Hair<br />
    4) That's It.<br />
    <br />
    Thanks Yo. <br />
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