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  • Artist Info: hi my names.......i love this awesome guy named.........sike i havent found him yet...but one day i<br />
    plan to find a guy whoes the most imperfect person on earth and will love me for .......me<br />
    i love nature i take long walks by my self ...and yes i talk 2 flowers sometimes..im one of those<br />
    people who u have 2 meet to understand<br />
    im complicated...really random...crazy..and very stupid<br />
    i h8 fake people...and sometimes h8 myself 4 being fake...im not emo...but sometimes im in a spot<br />
    were i do have to let it all out.<br />
    i laugh alot..i very happy when im with people i love and i can be psytohic....i always do things on my own<br />
    but sometimes i look up to people for help smile <br />
    when i see people sad or down i try to cheer them up..im pretty annyoing when i want 2 be and<br />
    sometimes really f***ed up...but it only so u can laugh or smile<br />
    i really want 2 make a difference in someones life...and i kno i will one day....it might be<br />
    u who knows ...oh i also talk 2 myself when im lonely .........<br />
    and i kno other people do to ...hi im 95luvlafliv and i hope we meet smile <3
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