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  • Artist Info: Hello! I'm Neiki. And I loathe these things. As if I can honestly describe myself in a box-----Come on now. Let's be a bit more realistic. However, I'll give you a general outline if myself. I am an RP-lover, been doing it for years. I love music (check out my interests for if you wish to no more). I'm on this site along with my brother, Ray, so add us both if you think will be good friends. I'm really easy to get along with unless you are a bigoted, selfish douche who has buried your head in the happy-go-lucky, false reality of what's around you (if your reality is this that is. If you understand what I mean, you get props). Anyways, if you any of which is mentioned, you're dead to me. I won't ignore you. But I will bite your head off if you try to approach me so beware. I can be Queen B*tch of this Universe. Trust me, ask Ray. <br />
    But that'll never happen, right? Right? Haha, I'm not here to bully or threaten. I just love making new friends and seeing into the minds of others. Add me if you wish. If not, move along. Other than that, I'm perfectly fine. biggrin
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