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  • Artist Info: Alright people, to make long short. I like to write, I'm a girl I like manga/anime (some yaoi things), and I am somewhat of a tomboy but too much of a girl to be an official one. My manga fascinations currently are Pandora Hearts, Magi, Watashi ni xx Shinasai!, Usotsuki Lily, V.B. Rose, and Noragami!<br />
    Other things you should know?<br />
    -I'm an aspiring author<br />
    -I'm captain of the Yaoi Couples Guild wink <br />
    -I love the color red<br />
    -I <3 tea and coffee, no joke. And japanese food <3<br />
    -I have an over active imagination. Personally I blame Disney and J.K. Rowling<br />
    -Cats are probably one of my favorite things on this planet<br />
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