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    'ELLO<br />
    So wonderful of you to stumble upon our profile! <br />
    Alyssa is here, no need to fear! I am a hyper-active and very annoying girl. I may come across as a bitch, but only because you were one first. People who dislike me can all jerk off in Mianus. People underestimate me, it's not really fair. Looks are deceiving. I don't use my common sense. That's just something your gonna have to live with-sorry. I will never change who I am for one single person. Lots of people like my personality, no point of changing now. I go with the saying forgive and forget. Wouldn't you want people to forget the stupid things you've done and forgive you? I only go with it just as long as the other person is willing to. I am very stubborn, but I do open my mind to many varieties of things. Yes, I am a Filipina. I'm the kind of girl who will keep her mouth shut, just to keep people happy. Music is my boyfriend. No doubt about it. I am into any type of music genre, but right now, Classical a big part of my liking. I love to read. Go ahead, call me a dork! I won't fight back. I don't "hate" or "dislike" many things, but the only exception is Random Friend Requests. Unless I have talked to you before on Gaia or in real life. I am happily married to my most wonderful husband, Invisable Hobo Stuff, and I &lt;3 him with all my heart(:
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    I don't know which to pick...But you can donate to either if you'd like!
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