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    ♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪<br />
    Wai hallo thar. The name's Clarice, but you can call me Cleri. [LOL, I suck at introductions.] I'm 15, birthday's on August 5th. I'm a Filipino. I joined Gaia on May 28, 2008. That was like two years ago and I didn't get a chance to celebrate a single gaiaversary. ; n; I like the colors purple and gray. :3<br />
    Well, I may seem like your average girl who's not really good at starting conversations with anybody. <br />
    I hate wrong grammar. I'm a dead lazy student, though I usually get good grades. 8D<br />
    I like reading novels, mostly fiction. I love the Harry Potter series, so get over it. |D I'm also quite nerdy, because I'm quiet and shy and I do not talk to strangers at all and I'm quite smart, too. xD<br />
    Random friend requests are really pointless if you'll just say "Cute avi!!11!!!1" or something totally random. I will not accept them.<br />
    <br />
    ♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪<br />
    Here are the ones who donated to me in my early days / weeks of questing:<br />
          &lt;3 Temperance-chan <br />
          &lt;3 miss_spam11<br />
          &lt;3 Tsukiyo Hyoumori<br />
          &lt;3 presea__bobe<br />
          &lt;3 Vincent-Talzane <br />
          &lt;3 Anime Luna<br />
          &lt;3 Khrysanth <br />
          &lt;3 Frontier Physiatrist<br />
          &lt;3 Cecelia327<br />
          &lt;3 Duckiezhmmletmethink <br />
          &lt;3 JeroeniBoi<br />
          &lt;3 Sorahmmletmethink
    <br />
    <br />
    You should visit my quest thread. 8D<br />
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    <br />
    ♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪♥♫♥♪♥♫♪<br />
    Thanks for visiting my profile, which is made for me by pericardium05, who is probably the most awesomest person ever. |D<br />
    Art made by [[mai]]. &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    If you're interested about seeing the arts I've received, which I doubt, you should check out this thread's full list of artists. o_o<br />
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