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  • Artist Info: About Mighty Dark Assassin<br />
    Species:Werewolf/vampire (Don't see many of those now do you)<br />
    Weapon of choice: Katana<br />
    Occupation: Sweeper<br />
    Hobbies: Sitting alone watching the moon<br />
    Age: Who knows?<br />
    As a boy, he walked the path of Darkness, and know that he is growing up, growing stronger, he is starting to see the light. His parents were killed by the Untold One, so he went the path, the path to greed to find his parent's killer, and bring him down. During his journey he started to understand what he needs to do, he is going the brighter path, finding friends and new enemies on the way, and at the end of the light is his journey's end, the Untold One, along with anybody else that stands in his way.
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