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  • Artist Info: Hello I'm Lila. It's really short for Kalila, but no one can pronounce it so just Lila haha. I am about to start my Junior year of high school which I'm looking forward to. If it's anything like last year I, then I can't wait. I have quite a few good friends. One of them being Valaira ;3. That's one of my bestest buddies and I lurves her. Hmm I love music biggrin ! And I love making friends :3. I guess I'll finish this with a snappy line. "IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!" If you know what that's from, then you just earned 8 million cool points.<br />
    Fun Facts: <br />
    1.I'm Bored!<br />
    2.Music is one of the most important things in my life <br />
    3.I intend to join the military when I'm older<br />
    4.I've a had standing ovation for acting once <br />
    5.I hate war, but do realize it's necessary <br />
    6.Im bi<br />
    7.I am all for gay marriage..obviously<br />
    8.I don't believe in God, but I also don't question others beliefs<br />
    9.I am sick and tired of all the bs in life<br />
    10.My fav colors are green and blue<br />
    11.I am a military brat <br />
    12.I live in Washington<br />
    13.I hate it here<br />
    14.I sprained my knee playing tag <br />
    15.I tripped ok?<br />
    16.I liked Twilight before it was a movie...<br />
    17.Robert Pattinson sucks... <br />
    18. Bell is annoying as fuck<br />
    19.I do love Aro though<br />
    20.This is the end of my rant <br />
    21.My birthday is December 3 <br />
    22.I miss Hawaii<br />
    23.I am a very sarcastic person <br />
    24.My life is very busy<br />
    25.I'm almost done <br />
    26.I have a 3.8 somethin GPA <br />
    27.I think fighting and confrontation are stupid and pointless<br />
    28.I love my family<br />
    29.I take pictures in my bathroom mirror just like everyone else lol.<br />
    30.I don't think I ever should have gotten an iphone. Without it I'd be helpless.<br />
    31.I don't like odd numbers so this is just a filler.<br />
    32.I'm done smile <br />
    <br />
    And this is me wink <br />
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