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  • Artist Info: Alo people. My name is Brandy but I like Cereal better.<br />
    I am a proud puerto-rican! But I am truly white on the inside. (:<br />
    I enjoy screamo techno reaggaeton rock and old kick ass music.<br />
    I Hate Yoko Ono ( John Lennon's wife when he died) For obvious reasons. If you dont know well...She was married to the most amazing person at the time.I uhmm I am a very wild person when I let loose. I believe guys only want one thing and if they stay with you its because you fawk really good. props to you. lol<br />
    I am 15. I love clam chowder from 99's. try it sometime, its the shizz. I think eating icecream is fun. I am a picky person when it comes to food and relationships. I am bisexual. But not lik e a freak..just semi lol. I like watching adult content stuff, its entertaining. Music is my passion. I dont wear stuff or do stuff because it's in right now. its because i like it. I believe you people will never know the true me. Because there is truly never enough time to get to know someone. I like riddles. I am not very good so I like to practice with my friend Ian. He's a kick ass buddy. When I'm frustrated I swear like a sailor. My mom gets made at me when I do it but I need to let out somehow. <br />
    Dislikes:people tell me they love me and dont mean it, people who use me, bestfriend stealers, dirty fingernails, watching people cut themselves, stomach aches, cramps, screaming babies in public,being hated.<br />
    Likes:Toast (No joke I eat alot of toast), Frenchtoast, Cookies,being liked, Chocolate, The notion of world peace, Games, Koalas, Being held, cuddling, hugs, kisses, Pirates, Captain Crunch.<br />
    Mah favorite hoe is Joon. (: He's sweeter than Angel secks. ^ - ^<br />
    Well if you feel comfortable enough to the point we are good friends I might give you mah digits. Only If I trust you so... if you ever get my number...feel special. (:<br />
    <br />
    Well peacealate broha! ;O<br />
    <br />
    And this is an old pic before I chopped off my hair to my shoulders. Hopefully I can grow it back quick! D; I miss it. Managing it was so worth it!<br />
    User Image<br />
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