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  • Artist Info: Hey yea I live in a state that i really don't mind any more but i use to really hate it.... am not saying which state though.... I have a playful pet cat named Yaki Neko his name means grilled cat in japanese and i luv him to death. I love to travel and i am addictied to green tea.^^ most peeps say i am a confuzeling person and i agree. I love SWEETS to death but because of XC i am forced to not eat them...>.<..!! i am skinny as ever and i eat tons of junk food too.. ^^ but now i have to watch what i eat...my favorit flavor of artificial flavor is cherry. i like anything cherry flavor.my favorit sport is SOCCER or footbal!!(yes i will watch the spanish channel just for games and the FIFA cup!!) i really want to be a vet when i grow up... and yes of course i am random at times..>w<... i can fix anything thats not internal with ducktape and supper glue...^^ I love tommy Hilfigers clothing lines..^^ my friends from school call me joco don't know why but they do that or the cosanator..(i luv u kei u make my life interesting :3). my favorite colors are red blue black and green.<br />
    Yes i watch anime and read manga. my favorit animle is a cat (they are so cute and play ful) i love striped jackets a lot!!<br />
    <br />
    things i Hate : anoying peeps, needles, not knowing sumthing, being bored, pointy sharp objects , REALLY tall people (they make me feel even shorter) , reading long books, country music, being lost, not getting on the comp., color pink, anything with teeth and bites me, REALLY REALLY spicy food!!, people who curse, people who will put down my religion because they don't believe the things i do.(yes i am a christian!), house repairs or up dates that i have to help with, taking tests, and being stressed <br />
    <br />
    Favorites : cherry flavored artifical flavoring , chocolate, cute fluffly things, tommy hilfiger, jackets, manga and anime, silly faces, www.deviantart.com, minty gum, techno music, arizona green tea, rain, tv show house, az, tv show house, puzzels and photoshop CS3!!<br />
    <br />
    i will add more as i go..^^<br />
    <br />
    if u want to know sumthin else just ask..^^ i am really easy to talk to but i am not good with making conversation..>.<<br />
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