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    Why, hello there. (: My name is Liz.<br />
    I'm a sixteen-year-old that lives in a magical land far, far way from where ever you are.<br />
    This year, I am a sophomore in a high school filled with people I can't stand. Fun.<br />
    I have two best friends, Kaite and Jess. They both mean the world to me. Hurt them or mess with them in anyway, and you will be pushed off a fire tower.<br />
    The three things that keep me going are music, hockey, and art.<br />
    Music? I'm always listening to something. As you can tell from my username, my favorite band is Three Days Grace, and lately I've discovered I love the band Muse as well. (:<br />
    Hockey? I come from an area where hockey is real big. And why not when you're local team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yes, that's right. Go Pens!<br />
    Art? I love drawing. Don't really know who my favorite artist is, but I must say I love Alex Pardee's work.<br />
    I have my ups and my downs, but hey, what can you do? I'm just a teenager. We all have them.<br />
    Wanna know more? Do one of the following:<br />
    become my buddy. pm me. view my art(:
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