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  • Artist Info: Hey im Livid63. You might have noticed that I love wolves. But just so you know i'm not EMO or gothic. Haha so don't make the wrong assumption, because I am happy alotttt. When at school I'm know as the always happy girl that can do something completely stupid or random and not care what people think! I love all my school friends very much and none of them are te over emosional teenager that can't control her weird emosions. LOL Thank goodness because I can't take something weird like that. SUCK IT UP WIMPS!!!<br />
    I have 7 pets! Two dogs, and 5 horses. My dogs are Rhet and Lady! They are awesome! Lady is a australian sheperd, that has always protected my family like from snakes and wierdos that come to our garage sales. Rhet is a rodesian ridgeback and he is really nutty. He'll stay up all night trying to catch raccoons or other same animals, but I love both of my dogs very much.<br />
    I have a Bay, 1 gelings, 2 minature ponies, and a minature donkey. They are sweet and they all rock!!!<br />
    Please message me if you like! I'd love to talk to you if your not some freaky weirdo. Messaging is very fun for me, and I love it. I love all my gaia friends though I dont talk to some as much as I should!<br />
    I love to do alot of things like: explore the woods, read, listen to music, shop... at Tractor Supply Co., play with my dogs, ride my horses, watch TV, and hang out with friends!!<br />
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!<br />
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