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  • Artist Info: Well hello there my names Joseph (dont wear it out) my friends call me Preyus I live in a little fantasy isle called Puerto Rico (Well it actually exists XD) and yeah its one of the greatest places in the world (cause there are beaches all around and stuff). I love drawing, hearing music (Rock, Pop, Screamo, Techno yehhhh). I have a habit of trying to make good friends everywhere I go so I hope if you stop bye this page make sure to leave a mark ( Or ill hunt you O.O!!....XD) Well I hope you enjoy the flaming hotness off this profile, if you wanna get to know me better well just pm me wink . <br />
    <br />
    Fact: Chickens are trying to take over the world bye implanting microchips on their eggs and while we eat them we are brained washed every day in order to do their bidding...its a complete chaos!!!!! ( rips his hair off while screaming) O.O.......yeah HIIIII!!!!!!
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