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    :l I've never really liked talking about myself, it makes me think I'm bragging or something, so I always say the stupid stuff about myself. [strike]Mostly that I don't like talking about myself.[/strike] Let's see, I'm weird, once you get to know me, but quite and kind of mean when I don't know you, so sorry if I say something kind of rude, it's just in my nature. I'm more fun to be around than talking through a key broad. I do like to role play, though I'm so not as good as my best friend, and I'mma jelly person when it comes to her and that. :3nod: I love to write and draw, it just kind of depends on what I really feel like doing in my spare time. :] Uhm... I like to cosplay, it's quite fun, even if I've only done it a few times. Anime, manga, friends and a few family members are what I live on, it's there's no changing that. :) :heart: I'm kind of bad in school, never been on the honor roll during my high school years, which I kind of hope to change this year. I've had my fair share of personal problems, but I've gotten through them with only one shoulder to lean on, and I'm greatful that it happened, I wouldn't be who I am now if it never happened.
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