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  • Artist Info: I'm quiting and im giving away for free some awesome stuff (none on my avatar because its the last avatar people will se me make)<br />
    <br />
    Gaia is boring. Here are the items im selling (make sure to send me a pm asking what you want, and ill cross out the items on here or tell you they are gone) Looks like they are all gone. thanks for asking. I'll finish up repling to people then i go offline for good<br />
    <br />
    Inari's Beads 1st Gen<br />
    Tsurara the Demon cat<br />
    Solar Sash<br />
    Black swan<br />
    BuBu Kitty Plushie<br />
    Compass of seidh<br />
    La sanguine<br />
    Seracila Pendant<br />
    Mona's potion<br />
    Toned Keido<br />
    Dreamers Dust<br />
    Kiki Kitty Plushie<br />
    Bellissimo Pianoforte<br />
    Gogh Reed 4th Gen<br />
    Flora Roja<br />
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