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    Im Kayla I have A lot oh haterz dont kno why lol ((: I Ammm Siiinglee wink (: i fall fer boys very fast and just end up getting hurt but thats liife(: Im sweet and i love to talk on the phonee. I Will hate on you if i have a problem wiith youu. I Am a biitch(: I love boys who are from Texas(: And Emo boys are veryy hott! I dont really Like girls :/ like i can be friends with some. I love my eyes and butt(: i really wouldnt change a thing about myself . Im Almost Always Depressed razz Im like alwasy Hhhhyyyppperrr!(: I love brokencyde(: I dont Date people who live far far away from me (: & Age dont matter ((: Get to knoo me moree! message me , add me , ask me , text me , call me , & Love me Hahahaha Im Sooo Stuppid ((: Sometimes I'm lazy I get bored I get scared I feel ignored I feel happy, I get silly I choke on my own words I make wishes, I have Dreams And I still want to believe Anything can happen in this world, For an ordinary girl JUDGE ME and ill prove u wrong.... TELL ME WHAT TO DO and ill tell u off.... SAY IM NOT WORTH IT and watch where i end up.... CALL ME A BITCH and ill show you one... SCREW ME OVER and ill do it to you twice as bad... CALL ME CRAZY but really you have no idea.. . <br />
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