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  • Artist Info: Sorry dudes and/or dudettes, but I'm leaving this account, because I have had for so long and other reasons that are just stupid. gonk If u were one of my good friends on Gaia, don't hold back. Message me for my new account using this email;<br />
    XxPunkRockSuperstitionxX@hotmail.com (silly username I know)<br />
    <br />
    So yeah, once again, don't be a stranger.Also, this account will still exist, and I'm prolly still going to come on like once in a blue moon to see if any of my friends are like " wtf, wheres Amanda?!?" so I could virtually wave my hands at them and be like "HERE I AM!!! I love how u searched my profile douche biggrin " so yeaaah. And if anything, Ill prolly even leave u a comment telling u that I'm leaving this account. So, this is the end guys. <br />
    I love you all my awesome friends, but hopefully this will only be a "ttyl" <br />
    Peace and rock on blaugh
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