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    "An Al Bhed girl trying hard to protect Yuna. She makes up for her weak attacks with her superior speed. Her fear of lightning is just a phobia. She affectionately calls Yuna "Yunie" as a nickname."<br />
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    Ur! Rammu drana~! <br />
    My name is Rikku~<br />
    I'm a 15 year old (17 in FFX-2) Al Bhed thief, but I hang around with my cousin Yunie to act as her guardian on her pilgrimage! I'm 5'2'', blonde, and my eyes are Al Bhed green! See?<br />
    My favorite people to hang aroud have to be Yunie (of course), Lulu, and Tidus, who I feel I can call my brother~! (He's much better than my own >.< wink <br />
    Please don't cast any thunder or lightning related spells around me, I really don't like them...I'm also not a big fan of needles or *shudders* snakes....<br />
    Hmm, what else....Oh! Like I said, I'm an Al Bhed. I come from a place called Bikanel Island! My dad's name is Cid (he's the leader of the Al Bhed), and my brother's name is Brother. If you ever want something translated into Al Bhed, just ask and I'll be happy to tell you -- it is my native tongue~!<br />
    Anyway, my weapons of choice are claws and dual blades, and....hm...well, I'm not quite sure what else to say! Oh -- I'm good with chemistry, too~!<br />
    Well, it's been nice talking to you, but if you have anything you want to say, don't be affraid to comment me~! I'm also pretty easy going when it comes to friend requests, so feel free! Just don't be a meanie!<br />
    Caa oui mydan~!!<br />
    <br />
    -A note about Thiefsphere-<br />
    Thiefsphere is a shortened version of the words "Thief" and "Dress sphere" combined. I figured the name sounded catchier that way -- no other reason than that! >w<<br />
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