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  • Artist Info: User Image Her name is Amber.<br />
    She is 17 years young. <br />
    She loves Gaia and Roleplaying.<br />
    She really loves to sing and play guitar. <br />
    Her favorite color is Blue. <br />
    She like Yuri and Yoai. <br />
    She is a cheerleader. <br />
    She wishes on 11:11. <br />
    She is not perfect, <br />
    And does not wish to be. <br />
    She has a past she is not proud of. <br />
    She is herself and no one else. <br />
    She likes to be literate. <br />
    Amber is also always happy <br />
    and is in a good mood. <br />
    Amber is in love with Anime. <br />
    She loves to live, <br />
    and lives to love. <br />
    Goofy is her middle name! <br />
    Oh, And she hearts your face! <br />
    <br />
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