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  • Artist Info: Ok hello all my name is Shean Iam 16, 5'5, and I have a chunky figure. I love all things anime as long as it has blood, sex(straight/gay i dont care its sex ;D), and action. My all time favrit animes are Naruto,Elfen Leid, D-Gray Man,and Hellsing(ALUCARD ID THE SMEXYEST ;D)any way I suck at math,spelling,and...thats it I guess Oh wait modesty ;D. I like alot of music mostly metal,death metal,and techno, but i do listen to some rap(only if the beats good).I luv Resident Evil 4-5 best games ever biggrin . If u wish to learn more about me please send me a message.<br />
    love,<br />
    SHEAN &lt;333333
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