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  • Artist Info: Hi!! My name is Gen. At least..... that's my nickname.<br />
    My full name is Genevieve. Pretty long, I know.<br />
    You may have noticed, or not if you're dumb, but i only have a top of favorite friends. So don't be disapointed if you're not on the list.<br />
    1. music_lover_4_ever (Meghan)<br />
    2. your_angel_stephie_12 (Stephie)<br />
    3. Maria410 (Maria)<br />
    4. rachel1295 (Rachel)<br />
    5. shellyk1234rox (Michelle)<br />
    <br />
    They're all from my school. Except Michelle. But she's still my awesome friend.<br />
    So yeah. I'm not really sure if I should say stuff about myself on this or not. And even if I wanted to, I wouldn't know where to start. <br />
    I can start with the fact that I look just like my avi as I do in real life. I don't make myself any cool then I'm not. Unlike some people.
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