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    The name is Abstract or Queen or whatever it is you feel the need to call me-I'll respond to basically anything.<br />
    <br />
    There's way too much about me you SHOULD know, so I'm just gonna sum it up with a bunch of spastic words thrown together in no grammatical order.<br />
    <br />
    music plus friends plus trumpet plus bass plus games plus jazz plus brains plus fun plus random plus rps plus involved plus writing plus theatre plus happiness plus mischief plus excitable plus get it on plus loyal = awesome<br />
    <br />
    i hope i added everything together correctly, otherwise i just look arrogant
    <br />
    <br />
    Haha, nahhh I'm just kidding you. I'll add a little bit more so you can know about me. Unfortunately for me, the world does not pick up on what I'm thinking the way it should. Or shouldn't. I doubt the world would be able to function properly (if that's the word we choose to use) if it were able to know the things I think about.<br />
    I am not a normal girl at all. In any way, shape, or form. I don't really act too normal. I don't think like a normal girl at all. I don't respond to situations like a normal person at all. I don't really function the way normal people do, either. <br />
    Hmm. Now that I think about it, I do look like a normal person. I'm pretty short. Not quite a midget, but short enough to realize the hobbits are only about a half a head shorter than me. I don't go all out with my clothes either. I'm not super preppy, I'm not super punk. I'm really just kinda a nothing. I really like scarves, though. I've liked 'em since about forever. Like way before they were fashionable. So take that society!<br />
    I'm the VP of our young authors club at school! A position I very gladly take. I love writing of all sorts. Unlike most people, I don't read a story to find out the end. If that's what I wanted I could just flip to the back page. No, I'm not in it for the ride too much either. A book could be dull and boring, but one thing that catches me is the style. I can learn so much from just reading the words. I can learn about the author, the characters, the other worlds that exist only in the minds of the author. Don't get me wrong, I don'tjust read to learn. It's not like I read the encyclopedia (the dictionary is way cooler). I just...want to know things.<br />
    I'm a hardcore anime nerd. To the point where I willingly thrust myself into a culture that is so different from my own. I know a little Japanese. Not enough to get me anywhere, but enough to stick my tongue out at the Spanish nerds. I love to draw anime, too. I'm not really a pro at that either, but I still take pride in my work. I actually love Japanese music as much as English music, too. I don't really have a hard time memorizing all the words in both languages, so its always a good time on my ipod.<br />
    Last, but not least at all, I'm throwing out a warning. Thankfully, you're probably just some random internet person and will never have to worry about this. There's a couple stages of knowing me. At first, I'm a weird girl who seems to radiate happiness and bring it to everyone I know. Next, I'm still a weird girl who radiates happiness, but I'm a person with problems of my own that I don't particularly bother people with. I'm not about gossip or hurting people. If someone hurts me, I'll never let them know. The last stage is realizing something crazy. Few people have gotten this far. I'm a little evil. Why am I so nice? I want to be liked by people because I know that there's little to gain when you're disliked. So by just being my random, happy self, I get you to willingly do what I want. "Hey, wanna make me some cookies?" "But it's 10 o'clock at night." "Pleeeease. I can eat them at school tomorrow." "Mmmm. fine. Chocolate chip is ok, right?" That's a true conversation and just a small example. Like I said though, I'm not malicious. I would never get people to compromise beliefs or be nasty to others or break any rules. Some people may not even call that evil, but I believe there's a little evil in all of us. Manipulation just happens to by mine. What's yours?
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