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  • Artist Info: Hai durrr~<br />
    <br />
    My name is Aubrey, and I LOVE SPORTS. I like to watch basketball, soccer, tennis, and swimming. Right now I play soccer, volleyball, I swim, figureskate, pingpong, badminton, tennis, dance, and basketball. I'm about 5"6 and I'm almost 5"7, and I'm 13, my birfday's November 18th. biggrin <br />
    <br />
    Okay few things you should know about me? Ummm, well, I like to smile a lot, and make other people smile. Being sad takes too much effort. -.-" Laughing is one of my specialties. BE IT CHUCKLE, GIGGLE, OR JUST LAUGH, I HAS IT ALL. I'm a bubbly person, with long black hair, that's usually always up in a ponytail; since people tend to 'play' with it. Oh yeah, I get cold, really easily, well, not that easily, but pretty easily. I guess, I dunno...<br />
    <br />
    I like to change the subject a lot, mainly because I'm not listening to the person who's talking half the time, and mainly because if I don't want to listen to the person, I just change the subject. Well, that doesn't happen very often, but it does.... sometimes....<br />
    <br />
    My friends list me as<br />
    -Stubborn<br />
    -Hardheaded<br />
    -Childish (Mainly because they're one year older then me ;___ wink <br />
    -Friendly<br />
    <br />
    So, don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm usually quite nice, unless I'm really tired, then I become cranky...<br />
    <br />
    Oh yeah, also, I'm a GRAMMAR NAZI. :O<br />
    I get really messed up when people don't spell things right or use correct terms, but I probably did that a lot so far in this section, so I guess you could call me a hypocrite. When my friends don't spell things right I freak out, and try to correct them.<br />
    Them: "Whaaa- hey, what're you-?"<br />
    Me: "I'm correcting you."<br />
    Them: ">.>"<br />
    <br />
    So, that's usually how I am. A weirdo, well, not always. Well, yeah sometimes... (and very indecisive) [did I spell that right?]<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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