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  • Artist Info: Kynia(???)<br />
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    Name: Kynia Last Name: Unknown<br />
    Age: 18<br />
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    Personality & Background:<br />
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    The friendly type and always like to make friends. She doesn't like men with a overly cock attitude and doesn't mind giving them a slap in the back of their head telling them to wise up. She likes to take on a number of oddball jobs, most where she gets to dress up. Though it doesn't take her long to get fired due to her absentmindedness and daydreaming. She likes to keep herself busy or else she gets very bored easily. Tends to work herself into exhaustion and tries to stay up for long periods of time with the help of a little something called caffine. When sleep catches up with her, she always seem to crash in the most oddest places or moments. Kynia loves sweets and tea. Since, she's eaten them for so long she doesn't like anything that's not sweet. Though not very athletic, she is flexible. She doesn't have any known relatives or recalls if she does, due to amnesia from an accident long ago. She hasn't been the sharpest knife in the drawer since then.
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