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  • Artist Info: Im just ur average person, actually, Im a little more than that .hehe. I can take ur average person and turn them into some-one completely different. Of course, though, Im not the only one with that power, all those "bullies" in grade school and middle school, and high school, I should thank them for what they turned me into. You see, there's a point where the mind can only hold so much anger and confusion, then ya snap. Everyone that knows me, knows I have an odd obsession with the joker, mainly how heath ledger played him-R.I.P.-jack N. was too, um, flamboyant. <br />
    <br />
    I enjoy creating anarchy and disorder, you see, I'm an agent of chaos. I spend my time with my knives, and I'm not joking. I, of all people, serious? heeeeeeehehahehahehaheha<br />
    aren't i such a joker?<br />
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