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    Hey! Just Call Me Tina. &lt; - - - (That's not my real name but yeah.)<br />
    I'm Not That Old. Haha. Let's Say Old Enough Though. [=<br />
    I'm Hmong.<br />
    I Love Having FRIENDS and I Love MUSIC. razz <br />
    I Play Guitar and the Flute. biggrin <br />
    I'm A Friendly Person. (I Won't Bite) (;<br />
    Caked On The 15th of May. (:<br />
    -Get to know me, and maybe we can be great gaiaonline friends. Haha.-<br />
    ~Want to know more, feel free to comment, or message me.~<br />
    <br />
    P.S<br />
    need any help on anything like money<br />
    just ask and I'll do my best.<br />
    Thanks for stopping by!<br />
    &lt;3~~~~TINA~~~~&lt;3<br />
    [/align]<br />
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