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    Age: 15<br />
    Birthday biggrin ec 23 omg yus the day before x mas eve biggrin <br />
    Favorite color: lime green or orange biggrin <br />
    Favorite food: eh dont have one
    <br />
    <br />
    HELLO MY VIEWERS!!! my name is dominic! or doom, but you can call me what ever you damn well plz! lmao also incase your too stupid to know i like disturbed. Other bands i like are... flyleaf, linkin park, 3 days grace, your mom, eminem and many more! i am a huge musical fanatic person, but then again who isnt?!? my favorite food is shrimp and pizza and if im in a good mood shrimp pizza! oh also i can be weird and/or random so just to warn you on that.. PENIS FACE oh yeah and i have terrettes =/ so if i shout something wierd like PENIS FACE or SHMELBOW (write a comment if you want to know what a shmelbow is) its just cause of that<br />
    oh yeah and one other thing i dont really have terrettes biggrin
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