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  • Artist Info: Name: Vladimir Ziaon (vlad) <br />
    Age: 14 <br />
    Height: 6ft 1in <br />
    Type of innocence (Parasitic,Crystal or Equipment?): Equpiment <br />
    Anti Akuma weapons name/type: Lunar Scythe <br />
    Short description of innocence: when activated the lunar scythe startes to glow this easily slices the akuma in half, even one scratch with it can cause a level 1 akuma the explode. when its activated it can slice through very hard metal like a knife cutting butter. it can also send destructive attacks that can destroy groups of akuma <br />
    History: vlad was born in an ordinary farm with an ordinary life, until an akuma came to his home. it killed his entire family, he saw the akuma and attacked it, not realizing that the innocence in the scythe activated. he destroyed the akuma with one large cresent slash, he was a finder from the dark order found him and took him to the black order. his scythe was repaired and after a couple months he became a full fledged exorcist. <br />
    Personality: a little off, energetic, friendly, smart, sometimes mean, and helpful <br />
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