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  • Artist Info: I'm pretty much a quiet person, except on the cb<br />
    I enjoy watching anime, though I don't have a favorite.<br />
    Naruto used to be my absolute favorite, however the filler is too much, though Kakashi, Itachi and Haku are my favorites.<br />
    I can't stand Twilight.<br />
    About my naruto oc:<br />
    Full name: Mateta Atata<br />
    Age: 17, (doesn't age)<br />
    Rank: genin <br />
    Village: Leaf (she just re-joined)<br />
    Friends: Dican, Niome, Oja, many others<br />
    Family: Twin brother named Aeschylus, cousin named selene, everyone else is deceased.<br />
    Bloodline trait: A cell in her body, that is able to analyze the blood of anyone who has a kekkei genkei, and can take those qualities.<br />
    Personality: Usually quiet, easily annoyed. Doesn't want to useless.<br />
    What Mateta looks like:User Image <br />
    <br />
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