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  • Artist Info: Bonjour!!! No I am not french but I do speak it <3 <br />
    My name is Umi Kitsuna.... or if you want to be lame you can call me Cheyenne<br />
    I live in Florida, USA... no it is not awesome, it is hot as hell and filled with tourist (yes you Canadians)<br />
    Dunkin Donuts Employee AKA Slave <br />
    I love Canadians <3 Tehehe<br />
    I am 18 *Fist Pumps* 3nodding <br />
    I will be attending FAU in the Summer WOOOHOOO<br />
    I have a very....eccentric personality^_^<br />
    My top five loves are:<br />
    1. Regular Show (I would die with out them)<br />
    2. Elijah Wood (If you don't know who that is... go die!!!)<br />
    3. Snakes and Sharks (I know crazy combo but best animals ever!)<br />
    4.Edward Elric (FMA <3 )<br />
    5. LMFAO (the band, they are my heros <3 )<br />
    <br />
    My top 5 hates are:<br />
    1. Florida (Damn straight)<br />
    2. Tom Cruise(Worst Actor ever </3)<br />
    3. Dogs(I hate slobber, drool and all that other nasty stuff!!)<br />
    4. Tomatoes (Grosses fruit, it is all slimmy and XPPPP)<br />
    5. Jersey Shore(all reality shows in general but them especially!)<br />
    <br />
    If I am not on Gaia I am playing Skyrim so sorry for my addiction... <br />
    Well that is it....GOOD BYE!!<br />
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