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  • Artist Info: Hi i`m from scotland which pretty much sucks cause i`m in a school of 5 kids (no that was not a miss type i am in a school of 5) It is so rubbish cause all the kids their are all toddlers or complete jerks. My fave Japanese cartoon is spirited away cause i love the story line and my mum hates lapanese cartoons but spirited away is the only one she loves. I love doing art and writing to let me unwind cause when i`m writing i like to create new worlds that seem so much friendlyer then the real world. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My 4 older sisters and brothers live in dundee but my 6 year old brother lives at home with me. I have a very wacky confusing family tree. <br />
    I love cooking for my mum and dad cause its the only thing they seem to apreciate about me. I also play guitar in a band with another school ( where my real friends are) We play cool 60s music an so on but me and my friends r thinking of starting to play cool NOW music if u know what i mean.<br />
    <br />
    Well i hope thats enough for ya <br />
    Be Happy
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