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  • Artist Info: Name: Sayu Kira Age: 16 Height: 5' 3" Life: A ninja girl protecting or helping other in need. Hidden emotions hidden behind a mask. Will smile and laugh but it's not her true emotions. Any more questions just ask.<br />
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    High School = boring, studing, drama, teachers, DETENTION, sleepy, exams, friends, more drama and jocks, nerds, projects, ACTS, new friends, old friends, gangs, emos!! &lt;3, crazy people, weird people, people that act like they like the opposite sex for fun(i'm not being mean it's what happens in my school and i dnt mind at all of the people like the same sex as them), random people, sports, family members that go to the same school as you(which is cool), yucky lunch! XD<br />
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