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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is____________ i am not giving my name out . I live in______________ sorry i am not giving that out either. Um my favorite hockey team is the penguins. My favorite colors are green and black. Um i play the flute, drums and i am tyring to teach myself to play the eletric guitar. My favorite movies are the Dark Night, and Twilight. My favorite Character from the dark night is the Joker. My favorite movie from Twilight is Edward DUH!!!!!!!!! Um i Used to be a 10th degree black belt and i also used to play point guard on a basketball team. I was the shortest on my team.<br />
    i Have brown hair and brown eyes. I tan really easy. While the rest of my family gets sun burn. VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am 4" 9... Ya ya i know i am short DON"T RUB IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
    Also My favorite animal are dogs... I have a black lab... OMG he's HUGE and he's not even 1 yet. <br />
    My favorite Hobbies are to shop, play basketball when i can and bet my brother at it. Um i also like to ride my skate board when i can.<br />
    oh i also have to cats. They are both tabby's. um my favorite songs are Crank that, In the ayer, right round. My life would suck without you, i don't car, ashley, and thanks for the Memories. <br />
    Oh ya my favorite football team is the steelers. My favorite Baseball team is the boston red socks.<br />
    Umm I don't like people who drink so if u drink don't even bother contacting me.<br />
    Thanks. <br />
    i would like to be your friend so please leave me a nice profile comment. By the way i do not like liars. Oh and my friends are the best because they are always by my side when i am down and i know i can trust them with anything. THANKS GUYS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    Oh ya and i am not always on because i either have to babysit or i am at guitar lessons.
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