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    Hey there. I'm Cinder. Well that's what I go by. I'm 15/16 *I know I might not update this in a long while...* I have a boyfriend who I've been going out with for a year . I'm generally a nice person, but I don't really make friends easily. Well, not any more. I do not accept random friend requests and I don't really donate. I'm not saying what my other account is, though its most likely an easy guess. I don't really go on this account too often, seeing as I only go on for zOMG. Hey look a spider on the ceiling... *stare stare* His name is Luigi from this point forward... unless he used to live in the bathroom... then his name is Rotti. <br />
    Anyways. As of 7/5/09 I'm obsessed with Repo! the Genetic Opera. Its rather interesting.<br />
    Well, if you REALLY want to know more, PM me.
    <br />
    <br />
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