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  • Artist Info: Haai ^.^<br />
    My name is Chrissy<br />
    My new saying is Go sWaLlOw sOmE StApLeS<br />
    Techno, Rock, and Pop are my favorite types of music.<br />
    I've been on gaia for more that 990 days. I may look like a noob but that's just cause mah other account gotz rick rolled razz <br />
    I have lots of bestest buddies. My favorite color is purple. I am not goth nor emo nor scene. I'm very RaNdOm, loving and I love smelly stickers. I love Hello Kitty. Owl City rockss. I'm a good fan of anime and mah age is none of your buisness so GO SwAlLoW SoMe sTapLeS XD. Foxes are mah favorite animal. That tis be itt BitChEs. BuH bAi.
    <br />
    <br />
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