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  • Artist Info: Hello, friends! I am Kiko Kiri Yoshi, weird name, I know. That is my main rp character's name, and what I wish for everyone to call me, if you please. I also rp as Sakura, seeing as she's my favorite character, besides Shino ^^ I love Shino! .....Anyways, so you can call me Kiko or Sakura, whichever you prefer. I love Naruto, Shipudden and regular, and Jeff Dunham. ((I love the racist jokes, so don't ask to be my friend if you don't like them)) I also like Harry Potter. Twilight is good, but the movie I thought was very......rushed. <br />
    I am very funny, lots of people tell me. I have blonde moments, though I call them pink moments because my avi has pink hair ^^ And I have moments a lot. I amuse myself and others, I am random, and, well, I hope you'll find me fun. I am also a ninja. biggrin I love ninjas. I have a cat, Kori ((That's his rp name)) and two BFF's on Gaia: Frost the Keeper of Ice and Temari-Kyo. They are very fun ^^.<br />
    I rp in A Naruto Chrismas RP. I am Sakura, Frost is Rock Lee, my Gaia sister Shmarie is Ino, Hinataem777 is Hinata, codeleon is Kiba, Neji, and Shikamaru, Temari-Kyo is Temari, kessou haruno is TenTen, parky71127 is Sasuke, Skylar Freeman is Gaara, and Vaukors is Akamaru. Please contact Hinataem777 if you want to be part of us. <br />
    And I think that's it. Send me random comments, PM's, comment on my diary, whatever you wish. Send me a friend request too, if you want. Just don't make fun of me or boss me around or tell me what I can or can't do. And If you so much as mess with any of my friends, let's just say myself and my "bodyguard" Frost will personally deal with you. ^^ Have a nice day!
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