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  • Artist Info: YO~~ my name is marshii_akira! u can call me akira! <br />
    <br />
    stuff about me:^~^<br />
    Well i was born in 1*** in Singapore! i am not a kiwi but i do live in NZ! i am ** years old!<br />
    I moved here&lt;to NZ i mean!&gt; like 3 years ago! I am not good at studying so......i moved here! and my mother always wanted a garden! so moving here wasnt so bad&lt;for her&gt;! but for us..its like..horrible! cause she will drag us out of bed when she needs our help to do weeding and wat not!!!! crying !! <br />
    <br />
    Things i LOVE:<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~<br />
    *I love music! no body can get my attention when i am listening to music&lt;well also because the music is usually loud so i cant hear them shouting 4 me!^~^&gt;<br />
    *I sing~ but i am not so good! but i am working on that!^~^<br />
    *I do some drawing...i suck but nobody wants to agree with me! it is fustrating &gt;_&lt;!<br />
    *I write...i just started writing stories...and i also write poems~ but most of them are kinda despressing...well to me at least&gt;~&lt;!<br />
    *I like reading. i like ONLY started reading since last year! so i am slow at it!&gt;~&lt;!<br />
    *I love anime and manga! the only reason why i am on the computer is to either read manga, watch anime or be on gaia!! but *i dun actually watch anime if it has a manga version, i will read it instead! ^_^<br />
    *i also love spicy food! <br />
    *I also like GAIA!<br />
    *I love my friends!!&lt;until they give me the evils! *scary*&gt;<br />
    *I also, of course, love my family!<br />
    <br />
    Things i dun like:<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    *I hate being without a computer for more then 2 days!!! i will probably dropped dead without one!&lt;i noe..i am pathetic on this matter&gt;<br />
    *i dun like it when people force me into doing something! &lt;i am too much of a pushover! i give in way to early! unless i REALLY dun wanna do wateva people are forcing me to do!&gt;<br />
    &lt;I got one of my friend to give up on me!!!! i am so happy!!! but there are still like 3 people who are STILL forcing me to go!!! crying &gt;<br />
    Right now....i REALLY hate my SKU!!!! they are freakin STUFFIN us with mountain loads of hmwk!! i think my brain will melt anytime!!!!<br />
    <br />
    Well thats about it!! thanks for reading!!!!<br />
    Oh...and please go into my arena and read and rate my stuff there!!! it is only writing cause i dun have a scanner!!!^~^! thanks! BYE!
    <br />
    <br />
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