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  • Artist Info: Im your normal average teenage girl . I love art ( drawing painting photograph ) . I was born on December 27 1993 so u can do the math and tell my age . I have a very calm temper but be careful in how u talk to me because sometimes u may try to say something that is totally innocent , i may take it the wrong way .... And im sorry if i do . I enjoy J-rock and j-pop . i can speak about seven languages ( Japanese , Korean , Viet , French , Thai , Chinese , English ) . Lets say you wonder how i look like . One more thing ppls PLEASE dont act all nasty to me im still very innocent minded even considering my age , but yeah .... <br />
    If you Respect me then I'll respect you .. <br />
    <br />
    My passion is Art , Drawing Painting ,Photography,Acting,Singing,Cooking You name it i LOVE it . <br />
    Few thing NEVER to Ask me .<br />
    1. If i stole any of the artwork you see me posted up <br />
    Answer- No i did not i would take it as an insult that you consider i have steeled someones artwork <br />
    2. Personal Questions ( i will not answer)<br />
    3. and so on so on i cant think of anymore for a while. <br />
    <br />
    but anyways i have lots more to tell about me but that will take days and i dont think any living being will have that much time ~ Thanks for visiting xD
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