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  • Artist Info: You can call me Bobby!<br />
    I'm 14 and in 8th grade. I'm kinda shy. I could text and chat with you everyday, but I migh never talk to you in person. Hehe like my best friend. heart <br />
    Yeah your so jealous of my awesome socks.<br />
    I have a thing for guys that wear skinny jeansand have longish hair, that's super sexy.<br />
    Im not weird.<br />
    I have blue and brown hair. The bottom half is blue. Well it was not it's like a green blonde. I got lazy and stopped dying it regularly. I think I'll put pink in next. <br />
    Food is my FAVORITEST thing ever!<br />
    I have the awesomest friends ever. <br />
    I'm Japanese, yeah Japanese... <br />
    Weird my inner soul is calling. He says "stick your head up your butt and walk away." haha I likehow my inner soul is a gu and I'm a girl. <br />
    i live in god damned alaska... its not that bad...<br />
    hi you, yeah, you i really love you<br />
    hey dont be a creeper, creepers are sooo creepy...<br />
    blah blah blah is all i hear when im in english and social studies. oh and orchestra really sucks. <br />
    i play violin piano and guitar<br />
    hehehehehehehe im really bored. sorry i ramble on and on.<br />
    hey im always single oh it just hit me! i love it tho....<br />
    hi (sorry that was my dog)<br />
    i think that thats enough, pm me if you have any questions
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