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  • Artist Info: General interests: <br /><br />
    ~Alex, my boyfriend whom i love very very much!! <br /><br />
    ~My bestest friend Kathryn! <br /><br />
    ~annoying clare in any way possible XD <br /><br />
    ~having fun and doing funny things with my friends <br /><br />
    ~Liam getting hit by buses <br /><br />
    ~Moritz's awesome tallness, piggybacks and accent!! <br /><br />
    ~ Scottish guy, aka Doug, and his awesome scottishness!<br />
    <br /> ~i LOVE animals! cats in particular, but also animals that live in cold weather like penguins and polar bears <br /><br />
    ~music and movies <br /><br />
    ~going on the computer and stuff <br /><br />
    ~anime and manga <br /><br />
    ~anything to do with irish, scottish or german people cause their accents are awesome!! <br /><br />
    ~dark and evil stuff is cool too <br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    Music: <br /><br />
    ~A-Teens <br /><br />
    ~American Hi-Fi <br /><br />
    ~Basshunter <br /><br />
    ~Ben Lee <br /><br />
    ~Billy Joel <br /><br />
    ~Blessid Union of Souls <br /><br />
    ~Blink 182 <br /><br />
    ~Bowling for Soup <br /><br />
    ~Bryan Adams <br /><br />
    ~Cold Chisel <br /><br />
    ~Cutting Crew <br /><br />
    ~Daft Punk <br /><br />
    ~Duran Duran <br /><br />
    ~Faker <br /><br />
    ~Fall Out Boy <br /><br />
    ~Fastball <br /><br />
    ~Gary Jules <br /><br />
    ~Gold Finger <br /><br />
    ~Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack <br /><br />
    ~Green Day <br /><br />
    ~Hedgehoppers Anonymous <br /><br />
    ~Juno Soundtrack <br /><br />
    ~Kid Courageous <br /><br />
    ~Less than Jake <br /><br />
    ~Madness <br /><br />
    ~Mayday Parade <br /><br />
    ~Men At Work <br /><br />
    ~MEST <br /><br />
    ~Motion City Soundtrack <br /><br />
    ~MXPX <br /><br />
    ~My Chemical Romance <br /><br />
    ~Oasis <br /><br />
    ~Panic! At The Disco <br /><br />
    ~Plain White T’s <br /><br />
    ~Presidents of the United States of America <br /><br />
    ~REM <br /><br />
    ~Savage Garden <br /><br />
    ~Simple Plan <br /><br />
    ~Smashmouth <br /><br />
    ~Softcell <br /><br />
    ~Sugarcult <br /><br />
    ~The Academy Is… <br /><br />
    ~The Cure <br /><br />
    ~The Fray <br /><br />
    ~The Getaway Plan <br /><br />
    ~The Hot Lies <br /><br />
    ~The Offspring <br /><br />
    ~The Proclaimers <br /><br />
    ~The Verve <br /><br />
    ~Ub40 <br /><br />
    ~Zed <br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    Movies: <br /><br />
    ~Dead Poets Society <br /><br />
    ~Donnie Darko <br /><br />
    ~Drop Dead Fred <br /><br />
    ~Edward Scissorhands <br /><br />
    ~Juno <br /><br />
    ~Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 <br /><br />
    ~Ratatouille <br /><br />
    ~Stick It <br /><br />
    ~Sweeny Todd <br /><br />
    ~The Golden Compass <br /><br />
    ~The Corpse Bride <br /><br />
    ~The Nightmare Before Christmas <br /><br />
    ~Vampire Clan <br /><br />
    Japanese Movies: <br /><br />
    ~The Cat Returns <br /><br />
    ~Whisper of the Heart <br /><br />
    ~Kiki's Delivery Service <br /><br />
    ~Howl's Moving Castle <br /><br />
    ~Love Hina <br /><br />
    ~Ranma 1/2 <br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    TV shows: <br /><br />
    ~Fawlty Towers <br /><br />
    ~Friends <br /><br />
    ~Kingswood Country <br /><br />
    ~Futurama <br /><br />
    ~Grey's Anatomy <br /><br />
    ~Supernatural <br /><br />
    ~The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy <br /><br />
    ~The Simpsons <br /><br />
    ~The Young Ones <br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    Books and Authors: <br /><br />
    ~The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer - <br /><br />
    ~Twilight, <br /><br />
    ~New Moon, <br /><br />
    ~Eclipse & <br /><br />
    ~Breaking Dawn. <br /><br />
    ~The Bartimaeus Tilogy by Jonathan Stroud - <br /><br />
    ~The Amulet of Samarkand, <br /><br />
    ~The Golem's Eye & <br /><br />
    ~Ptolemy’s Gate. <br /><br />
    ~The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven <br /><br />
    ~J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series <br /><br />
    ~Paul Jennings <br /><br />
    ~John Marsden <br /><br />
    ~Bryce Courtenay
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