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    In The Goddess of the night i TRUST<br />
    <br />
    Nyx was the primordial goddess of the night. <br />
    Night is born of Chaos; her offspring are many, and telling. With her brother Erebus, Night gives birth to Aether ("atmosphere" wink and Hemera ("day" wink . Later, on her own, Night gives birth to Momus "blame", Ponos "toil", Moros "fate", Thanatos "death", Hypnos "sleep", the Oneiroi "the tribe of dreams", the Hesperides, the Keres and Fates, Nemesis, Apate "deception", Philotes "friendship", Geras "age", and Eris "strife".<br />
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    I've adopted a neko! <br />
    Name: Fericia(oldest),Ophila(youngest)<br />
    Likes: Ice Cream,Her Owner,Sharp Objects<br />
    Dont like: Annoying people<br />
    Owner: PsycoWanderer<br />
    You can adopt one too!
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    Adopt One!<br />
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    I adopted!<br />
    Name: Blue<br />
    Age:2<br />
    Likes:Her owner, kiba, pork chops, and sharp objects!<br />
    Dislikes:bitchy sisters!,annoying people!<br />
    Owner: PsycoWanderer<br />
    Get one now!<br />
    <br />
    Love at stake seires! by kerrelyn sparks<br />
    Conner Buchanan(my Favorite)<br />
    -has smoky blue eyes <br />
    -has golden red hair <br />
    -has a thick Scottish accent <br />
    -lives in an unknown, secret location <br />
    -wears a bright red and green plaid kilt <br />
    -is a Warrior/Bodyguard <br />
    -is likely to back off because of a tragic past <br />
    -was sired by Angus in 1542 <br />
    -was transformed when he was a lone warrior <br />
    1512—Born in Scotland.<br />
    1542--Transformed by Roman at the Battle of Solway Moss (November 25, 1542).<br />
    1710—Served as a captain in Roman’s army and fought in the Great Vampire War of 1710.<br />
    1927—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation.<br />
    1950—Assigned to Roman Draganesti as head of security for Romatech Industries.<br />
    2006—Personal bodyguard for Roman and his family.<br />
    Connor has light auburn hair, smoky blue eyes, and wears a bright red and green kilt.<br />
    Giacomo (Jack) di Venezia<br />
    1791—Born Henrik Giacomo Sokolav in Bohemia, the illegitimate son of Giacomo Casanova<br />
    and the wife of local landowner, Sokolav. Jack learns Italian from his father who is the<br />
    librarian at the castle, and he learns Czech from his nanny, Nana Helga.<br />
    1798—Age 7. His father dies, and Jack is shipped off to Venice to be raised by an uncle. His<br />
    tutor is Father Giovanni who teaches Jack to read with Dante’s Divine Comedy, starting<br />
    with Inferno. The priest knew Jack was the son of Casanova, so he was trying to scare<br />
    him into being a good boy.<br />
    1803—Age 12. Reads the papers he inherited from his father and learns his father had the pox<br />
    and had searched for a cure. Casanova had asked Jean-Luc Echarpe in Paris for the secret<br />
    of a long, healthy life and was refused. His studies took him to Transylvania where he<br />
    heard rumors of those who had eternal life. He took a job in nearby Bohemia and seduces<br />
    Jack’s mother who later dies in an insane asylum.<br />
    1809—Age 18. Jack fears he may have inherited the pox and decides to become a monk. He first<br />
    goes to the university in Padua.<br />
    1815—Age 24. Jack falls in love with Beatrice. He decides to use his father’s notes to find a cure<br />
    in case he has the pox.<br />
    1816—Age 25. Jack is attacked one night in Transylvania by three vampire women who think<br />
    he’ll be a great lover since he’s a Casanova. After a few months, they throw him out. He<br />
    goes to Paris to learn how to a vampire from Jean-Luc.<br />
    1817—Returns to Venice and Beatrice, but learns she died a month earlier from typhoid.<br />
    1820—Returns to Paris to go to Jean-Luc’s fencing academy and meets Robby MacKay who is<br />
    assigned to him as a sparring partner. They become good friends.<br />
    1927—Starts working for MacKay Security and Investigation.<br />
    2006—He and Robby help Angus protect Emma. He travels with others to the Ukraine to rescue<br />
    Angus and Emma.<br />
    2007—(December) Participates in the Battle at DVN. Kills Yuri.<br />
    Jack is a sharp dresser, has dark hair and golden brown eyes, and owns a palazzo in Venice.<br />
    When surprised, he’ll say, “Santo cielo.” When upset, he’ll say “merda,” or “nine circles of<br />
    hell.”<br />
    <br />
    Angus Mackay<br />
    -has bright green eyes <br />
    -has dark red hair <br />
    -has a Scottish accent that makes you do a jig accent <br />
    -lives in a castle in Scotland <br />
    -wears a blue and green plaid kilt <br />
    -is an Army General <br />
    -is fiercely protective and passionate <br />
    -was sired by Roman in 1513 in Scotland <br />
    -was transformed when he was a married man with children <br />
    1480—Born in Scotland (in 2006, he’s 526 years old).<br />
    1494—First battle at age of 14. Bears a scar from a war injury.<br />
    1502—Age 22. He marries. He and his wife will have three children.<br />
    1513—Age 33. Changed into a vampire by Roman at Flodden Field. Rejected by his wife.<br />
    Becomes an ally and close friend to Roman.<br />
    1542--Transforms Ian MacPhie at the Battle of Solway Moss.<br />
    1710—Serves as the General in Roman’s army, raised to defeat Casimir in the Great<br />
    Vampire War of 1710.<br />
    1746 – Transforms his last group of vampires at Culloden, including his descendant<br />
    Robby MacKay.<br />
    1927—Begins his company based in London and Edinburgh--MacKay Security and<br />
    Investigation.<br />
    1944—Rescues soldiers during WWII, is knighted by the queen.<br />
    1950 – Elected Coven Master of British vampires (term to last 100 years).<br />
    2005—(June) Walks Shanna Whelan down the aisle when she weds Roman.<br />
    2006—(March) He’s been a vampire 493 years. Meets Emma Wallace on St. Patrick’s Day.<br />
    2006—(June) Marries Emma in New York. He and Emma are named godparents for<br />
    Roman’s son, Constantine.<br />
    2007—Searching for Casimir in Russia and Eastern Europe.<br />
    2008—(August) In charge of Vamp army at the Battle of South Dakota, helps rescue his<br />
    descendant Robby MacKay.<br />
    Angus has long, dark auburn hair and green eyes. He dresses in a kilt of the MacKay tartan<br />
    (green and blue plaid) which he sometimes lifts after teleporting to make sure he hasn’t lost<br />
    anything. Favorite curse words—“the devil take it” and “bugger.” Wears a claymore on his<br />
    back.<br />
    <br />
    Ian MacPhie<br />
    -has turquoise blue eyes <br />
    -has black, wavy hair <br />
    -has a wee Scottish accent <br />
    -lives in a Manor House in Scotland <br />
    -wears a dark red and green plaid kilt <br />
    -is a Warrior/Investigator <br />
    -is willing, but unlucky in love <br />
    -was sired by Angus in 1542 <br />
    -was transformed when he was a teenager <br />
    1527—Born in Scotland.<br />
    1542-- Age 15. Transformed by Angus at battle of Solway Moss. Tries to go back home,<br />
    but his mother demands that he leave so he won’t attack his younger siblings.<br />
    Relies on his grandfather and inherits a small castle from him.<br />
    1913—Buys his first car, a Rolls-Royce.<br />
    1938—Buys a Bentley.<br />
    1955—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation, assigned to Connor’s<br />
    security team at Romatech. Also guarded the harem.<br />
    1959—Buys a Morgan.<br />
    1969—Buys a MGB Roadster.<br />
    2005—Buys an Aston Martin.<br />
    2005—Accepts job of discovering the true identity of Don Orlando de Corazon.<br />
    2006—(March) Travels to the Ukraine to help save Angus and Emma.<br />
    2007—(Summer) Transfers to Texas to help guard Jean-Luc Echarpe. Volunteers to take<br />
    the Stay-awake drug which will cause him to age. He takes it 12 days and ages 12<br />
    years, so that he now looks 27. He’s grown to 6’2” and his feet grew from size 9<br />
    to size 13. He’s sent on a long vacation to recover from the painful ordeal. In<br />
    2007, he’s 480 years old.<br />
    2007—(December) Returns to NYC to become head of security at Romatech. Decides to<br />
    find a vampire wife and elicits help from his friend Vanda. Meets the new day guard,<br />
    Toni Davis.<br />
    2007—(December) Battle at DVN. Ian and Toni kill Malcontent leader, Jedrek Janow.<br />
    2008—(May) Ian’s bachelor party at the Plaza hotel.<br />
    2008—(May) Ian marries Toni Davis. They leave for a three-month long honeymoon.<br />
    2008—(August) Returns to help rescue Robby MacKay at the Battle of South Dakota.<br />
    Ian has black, curly hair and turquoise blue eyes. His kilt boasts the red and green MacPhie<br />
    tartan. He’s very adept at sneaking into places like the CIA headquarters at Langley. He owns a<br />
    small castle in Scotland and likes to collect antique cars. His favorite flavor of blood is Type AB<br />
    Positive, the same as Toni’s blood. When upset, he’ll say “bloody hell.”<br />
    <br />
    Roman Dragonesi<br />
    -has golden brown eyes <br />
    -has black, straight hair <br />
    -has an Eastern European accent <br />
    -lives in a mansion in White Plains, NY <br />
    -wears a lab coat <br />
    -is a scientist <br />
    -is inexperienced except for vampire sex <br />
    -was sired by Casimir in 1491 <br />
    -was transformed when he was a monk <br />
    1461 – Born in Romania (in 2005, he’s 544 years old)<br />
    2 older brothers, 1 younger sister who died at age 2.<br />
    Mother died when he was four.<br />
    1466 –Age 5. Given to a monastery, befriended by healer, Father Constantine<br />
    1479 – Age 18. Becomes a monk and traveling healer<br />
    1491 – Age 30. Transformed into a vampire by Casimir and his evil gang<br />
    (in 2005, he’s been a vampire for 514 years)<br />
    1492—Rebels against Casimir. Casimir destroys the monastery and murders the monks.<br />
    Roman leaves and begins transforming dying soldiers.<br />
    1513—Transforms Jean-Luc Echarpe August 17, 1513 at the Battle of the Spurs.<br />
    1513—Transforms Angus MacKay September 9, 1513 at Flodden Field.<br />
    1542-- Transforms Connor Buchanan November 25, 1542 at the Battle of Solway Moss.<br />
    1710 – Great Vampire War of 1710. Roman leads an army against Casimir.<br />
    1862 – Involved with young, British debutante (Eliza) in London, flees to NYC.<br />
    1950 – Elected coven master of East Coast Vampires (term to last 100 years). Starts the Secret<br />
    Santa Pact.<br />
    1982 – Starts Romatech Industries in White Plains, NY, CEO.<br />
    1987 – Introduces synthetic cloned blood. Starts the Annual Spring Conference and Gala<br />
    Opening Ball.<br />
    2003-- Introduces Vampire Fusion Cuisine, beginning with Chocolood. Opens up more<br />
    Romatechs—in Ohio, Texas, Colorado, and California.<br />
    2005 –Introduces Bubbly Blood and Blood Lite, discovers formula to stay awake during the day.<br />
    2005 –(May) Meets Shanna Whelan. Uses Stay-Awake drug to rescue Laszlo and ages 1 year.<br />
    2005--(June) Marries Shanna and moves to White Plains.<br />
    2006--(Early March) introduces another Fusion Cuisine drink, Blissky.<br />
    2006--(Late March) His son, Constantine, is born. Roman uses the Stay-Awake drug for one<br />
    week to help Shanna with the baby and ages 7 more years. Now looks 38 years old with a<br />
    little gray at the temples.<br />
    2007--Introduces new Fusion Cuisine drink, Bleer. In December, he discovers his son<br />
    Constantine can teleport.<br />
    2008--(May) Daughter Sofia is born. Participates in the Battle of South Dakota.<br />
    A scientist, Roman has black shoulder-length hair and golden-brown eyes. He owns a five-story<br />
    Upper East Side Manhattan townhouse and another home in White Plains. His favorite blood<br />
    type is Type A Positive. He curses, saying “God’s blood,” which was a common curse in<br />
    medieval times.<br />
    <br />
    Jean-Luc Echarpe<br />
    -has bright blue eyes <br />
    -has black and curly hair <br />
    -has a French accent <br />
    -lives in a lavish underground lair in Texas <br />
    -wears a tuxedo <br />
    -is a fashion designer <br />
    -is likely to back off because of a serious threat <br />
    -was sired by Roman in 1513 in France <br />
    -was transformed when he was a knight <br />
    1485—Born a peasant under the control of a wealthy baron allied with the powerful deGuise<br />
    family.<br />
    1488—Age 3. His mother died.<br />
    1491—Age 6. His father, Jean, died. Jean-Luc is allowed to live in a stable where he works as a<br />
    stable boy. He watches the baron’s son and wards practice their fighting skills and copies<br />
    their moves at night in the stable.<br />
    1495—Age 10. Fights with the baron’s son. The baron allows him to be trained for knighthood.<br />
    1500—Age 15. Knighted by the baron to serve in the army instead of his son. Sent off with<br />
    inferior weapons and horse. Jean-Luc vows to never be used as a pawn again.<br />
    1513—Age 28. Transformed by Roman at the Battle of the Spurs. He teaches Roman how to<br />
    fence, and Roman teaches him how to read.<br />
    1589—Interviews Clément, the assassin who killed King Henri III, and learns the assassin’s<br />
    mind was controlled by a vampire.<br />
    1610---Learns the same vampire controlled the mind of Ravaillac who killed King Henri IV.<br />
    1710—A Lieutenant-Colonel in the Vamp army, he fought in the Great Vampire War as second<br />
    in command and watched Roman’s back.<br />
    1757—Works as a musketeer and royal bodyguard for King Louis XV. Foils a royal<br />
    assassination attempt by Damien, who was sent by the same vampire. The vampire,<br />
    dubbed Lui (him), retaliates by killing Jean-Luc’s mistress Yvonne. Jean-Luc is<br />
    approached by Casanova who wants eternal life, and he turns him away. Jean-Luc hunts for Lui, but can’t find him.<br />
    1816—Giacomo (Jack), the vampire son of Casanova, comes to Jean-Luc for help.<br />
    1820—Considered the greatest swordsman in Europe, Jean-Luc opens a fencing academy.<br />
    Among his students are Robby MacKay and Jack di Venezia.<br />
    1832—His mistress, Claudine, is murdered by Lui.<br />
    1922—Began designing evening wear for vampires.<br />
    1933—His designs are the rage in Hollywood. He becomes a famous fashion designer of<br />
    evening wear in Paris.<br />
    1950—Elected Coven Master of Western Europe (term to last 100 years).<br />
    1975—Began designing everyday clothes for mortals.<br />
    2005—He’s the Best Man at Roman’s wedding.<br />
    2006—Travels to the Ukraine to help rescue Angus and Emma.<br />
    2007—Goes into hiding in the Texas Hill Country. Meets Heather Westfield and must protect<br />
    her when his old nemesis, Lui, vows to kill her before killing Jean-Luc.<br />
    2007---(September) Marries Heather.<br />
    2008—Agrees to teach fencing at Shanna’s school.<br />
    Tall, slim and agile, Jean-Luc has black, curly hair and blue eyes.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    I just adopted a Neko!<br />
    Name: Melody<br />
    Age: 14<br />
    Likes:Music, her owner,dancing,and meat<br />
    Doesn't Like:veggies,loud people,and bitchy sisters<br />
    Owner razz sycoWaderer<br />
    You can adopt one too!<br />
    Adopt me!
    <br />
    <br />
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