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  • Artist Info: hey!<br />
    OK i am really nice and<br />
    i love to sk8te and the bored i use to own was a zero.<br />
    after i snapped it... smile <br />
    and i like rock, metal and r&b.<br />
    my favorite bands are: corn, him, !slipknot!, icp, and more.. <br />
    um i have a little sister and brother that also play this game.....<br />
    i hate the color pink ... it just grosses me out....... <br />
    i am the best!!! &lt;loll i........ <br />
    i really really hate preppy?posers i just dont like them... <br />
    -_- and no i am not note emo ! <br />
    i am kinda sk8ter/rocker/punker/goth kinda person i have <br />
    a different mood every day.. smile
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