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    Hai, <br />
    I am Charm or Charmander a.k.a Matthew, Benjamin Button and oJebus. <br />
    (My name is longer) <br />
    Age revealed I'm 17 ^ w ^<br />
    Chicken wings are my lovers <br />
    I am pretty chill and nice if that's how you are with me.<br />
    I am moody as well so, be warned. I love to joke around but hate being accused of things I did not do. I also don't like being lied to like anybody else. I try my best to avoid conflict because I am a generally up beat person. Try your best not to piss me off. Wanna hug? (>^ w ^)><br />
    Yes I am black for those who didn't notice. My eyes are brown. I am 5 foot 2 inches of pure craziness. I am really out there... I MEAN FAAAAAAR OUT!<br />
    Canadian born but consist of a rainbow of cultures.<br />
    I was born on April the 1st ^ w ^ YEAH MAN! IT'S TRUE!<br />
    I do add anyone so don't feel shy about adding me.<br />
    I actually enjoy the rain and love the night time.<br />
    I LOVE TURTLES, of all kinds.( I know I said that before but so what?)<br />
    I also love music (: The more underground the better. <br />
    Anything else you must ask me <3 <br />
    <br />
    The girl behind the avi... so unattractive ;D <3<br />
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