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  • Artist Info: Salutations, Visitor. Is your first time in my corner of Wonderland? Not sure where to begin? Here are ten interests to get you started:<br />
    <br />
    1. Fantasy. Elves/Trolls/Goblins/Satyrs are favorites<br />
    2. Mythology, particularly Norse and Irish. I identify with the Norse trickster, Loki<br />
    3. Action figures and ball-jointed dolls (BJDs)<br />
    4. Writing parodies and composing music<br />
    5. Roleplay is my automatic go-to for fun<br />
    6. World of Warcraft is my second go-to, and ties in with roleplay<br />
    7. I draw. All the time. I am majoring in illustration<br />
    8. I am quite enthusiastic about the creations of others. <br />
    9. Favorite cartoons tend to be from the 90s<br />
    10. My dream job is voiceovers for tweens to teens action cartoons.
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