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    Welcome!This is an account I made to test out my profile codes. I'm going to ass my regular "About Me', just to make it look nice. Well,to start off, my name is Bella. I'm 13 years young. I have a Twin Sister in Real Life. Her username is : N 0 T Y 0 U R B I S H. She'll be glad 2 accept friend requests, and she'll tell you about herself. I'm known to be hypper && happy && funny.[According to some people.] I think it's fun to act like a b!tch.[Haha!] I am Hispanic/Latina and damn proud of it. Once you get to know me, you'll realize that I am supahh-nice and sweet and I don't show much of an attitude. Friendship means alot to me and I take it kind of seriously. If I'm nice to you, hopefully you can treat me the same way back. Being in V-Hollywood and Rally with my friends is what I love best. That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment. Well, please leave a comment after the beep. [[*BEEP*]] Thank You && Gracias 4 reading this . &lt;33 Pce. ? <br />
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    Please don't send a friend request if your just using me. By that I mean, don't ask me to donate or make you a free profile if your not one of the people on the list below. Thnxs [:
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