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    <br />
    <br />
    so About me? Sure, here's your starting! First off, <br />
    youre reading this out of pure bordem, to get to know me <br />
    ( Great A F'ing Stalker ), Or of course "For the hell of it" <br />
    Moment. <br />
    No matter what, enjoy yourself? Serously, for im not at the moment. As you can tell, Im actualy A pure B!tch;<br />
    But hey ive got my soft moments. <br />
    You confront me with Respect,<br />
    you may just get a ton of it back. If not? Seriously?!<br />
    you wont? Fine then, Meet your Nightmares~ Im A drawer<br />
    , Aswell to my past time . . writeing. writeing,<br />
    was my life for years growing up. Ever sinse, I could i could Talk. <br />
    No matter if the words looked like Scribble, <br />
    i sweared i could read it <br />
    ( not so much now though.. odd...) . <br />
    Anyways, I write of course for the pure thought. <br />
    Think about it, On the campus of the paper or blank space <br />
    you write. You can do ANYTHING you can hide it, <br />
    no one will judge it. You can release yourself, the <br />
    Part behind the mask ; <br />
    I urge this. People sometimes, can call this life 'hell' , '<br />
    torturious', and alot more im sure.<br />
    But theyve gotta<br />
    remember, THEY made it. Your actions are your actions,<br />
    in the end. But truthfully,<br />
    Deep down we know in the<br />
    end It really wont matter for its not ... <br />
    not going to be okay.<br />
    But hey, thats what I THINK not you right ( im sure of this ) . Currently, I am Married . . .<br />
    And it brings me joy here's your Warning, You Mess with him... Youll get a visit in reality.... <br />
    My Promise. I wonder sometimes, Is reality insane?<br />
    Seriously? Am i the only one, who notices some of the <br />
    hellions around Gaia? I mean come on,<br />
    they act like a 13 year old in A porno store!<br />
    Its quite bothering, if you ask me. I guess that just points<br />
    out the Misfits from the Noobs, From the well "NORMAL" .<br />
    Isnt it just EPIC!?!? ... <br />
    ( I hate that word... Epic... -eye twitch ... ) Hmmm,<br />
    I think sometimes there is no Normal.. I mean, <br />
    come on A tree shall never grow perfect. <br />
    Us lassies will NEVER have that perfect "DRAWN" figure of the<br />
    hour glass. And you guys?<br />
    Just face it... 16 chest-packs ARENT OKAY!! Nor possable. . .<br />
    <br />
    Which would be A good thing. People believe that sometimes,<br />
    <br />
    you can just simply "walk" over the bad things.<br />
    In my opinion You cant, you actually have to DEAL with them. Y'know like actually work? Lol! which reminds me! <br />
    Ever get the feeling of being lazy online? <br />
    "I need to go post up them photo's" Okay come on!<br />
    Youre sitting on your rear in REALITY youre simply<br />
    moveing your fingers!? How much strength <br />
    does that take honestly? ... Sighned - <br />
    Morgan Emily Evans<br />
    - Futher Known AS!<br />
    Roseylia Idiar ..<br />
    . Guardian. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    My treat to you Little One :<br />
    <br />
    http://www.mindistortion.tv/iwantyoursoul/?i_am=Queen_Idiar<br />
    <br />
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